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Prophecy was created a long time ago by the Winn as a counterpiece to the Inix' "The Nine". Prophecy were officially meant to be a group of blessed creatures doing good, but now they are fighting as fiercely as the Nine to reach their own goals, but the Prophets of the Winn refuse to face their own mistake and therefore allows the Prophecy and the Nine to rage on against each other. Unlike the Nine, Prophecy holds only eight members, but as the Nine works on their own, the Prophecy uses contacts and alliances to become more powerful than the Nine. The prophecy holds the same members as upon creation, the Winn granted them all the power of imortal life, where the Nine grow older and change members in time, Prophecy stays the same.

When a member of Prophecy is slain, their body is kept in the Winn Prophet building and is thereupon waiting untill a soul is willing to host the body once more. The soul currently hosting the body has no power upon the mind and body itself, and the personality and character stays the same even though it has been slain. A willing soul to host a body is hard to find, and the waiting can take between one and twenty years. The prophets have written themselves that if a soul is not found within twenty years, a Winn is to give her soul willingly in order to restore the Prophecy.

It is easier to tell a Member from the Nine apart from their sorroundings, their marks are normally quite visible, and as soon as a member of the Nine uses his or her gift, their mark shine with a deadly black color. That is different from Prophecy whom work very subtle and are hard to catch in a crowd. Prophecy members enjoy to seem human and can spend months infiltrating a city or organization just because they enjoy doing so.

The way to tell a Prophecy member from a crowd is only to remember their faces. Since they do not age or die, they are all trapped, looking like they always did. They can not alter their apperance, their hair can not be cut and their face does not change or achieve scars or wounds. They are all together trapped in their looks.

The Prophecy members can only be killed by a beheading, if one is beheaded, all parts of the body has to be returned to the champer of the Prophecy where they are to lie and wait for their new soul to host them. A member of the Nine have before stolen a head of a Prophecy member in order to keep that one from reincarnating. At that time, the one who's head was gone, Faith, had to wait two hundred and fifty years before his head was retrieved and he could again walk Eri freely. At that time, the world was darkened, for if it lacks a member of the Prophecy, that virtue, Faith, is not present and only those truly touched by the virtue continues to have it hidden in their heart. That time, where faith was gone, is known as the Time of Ruins, where all temples were destroyed and milions of priests and religious members were slain by the hands of the Nine and those following their beliefs. This is also the time where all the gods were captured and their city closed by the Inix.

The members of Prophecy

Marcus Bevilias - Life

Sir Athalas Ferens - Faith

Sir Noel Dragonheart - Trust

Latana D'toria - Order

Meneldur Ac'ler'virel Mûrendorn - Modesty

Cathrine Dragonheart - Joy

Castitatis Eleison - Purity

Amoena Luna - Peace

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