Sunday, November 2, 2008


The city of wonders, Eteka was build stone by stone by the powerful Vikrel, also known as Scaled ones, mighty creatures skilled in the most powerful magic, creatures now scattered all over Eri living as refuges and journeymen.
Eteka was build to the glory of Karzk, a mighty Virkrel who ruled his commoners wisely. He was by everyone known as a strong and intelligent man whos servants never complained and in those eight years he ruled, for Virkrel quickly grow old, no one were oppressed or starving, sure people did not live like kings, but they didn't suffer either and everyone had a little to get by as well as live above poverty.
Eteka became his wonder, and it took them seven of his eight years to build the glorious city. A giant wall, known as the wall of Loons were build to pride the city rather than keep enemies out. it was giant but easy to climb if one wished to. Every hundred meters were a huge loon priding the wall with a proud spark in the diamond eyes.
The city itself were always filled with life, and the houses were tall and large. Everyone lived under a roof and there were no beggars. Beggars were simply executed or tossed out of town, but only freeloaders who refused to work would become homeless beggars, so that was hardly a problem.
Seven inns prided Eteka, and they were all known around Eri for their skilled bards and their good drinks. Even Serestian traveled to Eteka only to study the wonder of the world. The roads were build out of expensive stones, all white and almost shining in the sunlight. Those without work were put to clean up the streets every day, so that it would continue to shine.
Eteka had a large force of guards, and order was always uphold. Also, Eteka became a wonder of magic, and after the death of Karzk, his son, Korzk took over and demanded that the greatest academies and monestaries were build to honor both religion and magic. Eteka, now ruled by Korzk grew quickly in size and soon an other wall were build around the city, though the old one was left standing and became a monument for Karzk who loved the loons above all other creatures.


The Barbarian lord Bekir Stormbeard heard word of the beautiful city and enviously he began plotting on how to take hold of the city. He gathered all of his people and his most powerful Bonescreamers and Deathspeakers to follow with him and they set sail across the Middle Ocean, now known as the Ocean of Souls. Stormbeard and his men had the city under siege for almost three years straight, and no lives were spared as the forces clashed together again and again. Korzk called for reinforcements and many came to his aid, but the barbarian warchief were too strong for any force to break, and his deathspeakers raised the dead anew, making him impossible to beat, as the bonescreamers made sure the healers and priests of the defending army were useless.
After three years, the Inix decided to end the brutal butchery and send their newest creation, the Nine to eliminate all of the people there.
As the Winn heard the news of the Inix' plans, they themselves send the Prophecy in order to confront and stop the Nine at the battlefield. But the Prophecy was yet not ready to confront the Nine and the battle became a disaster for the Winn, as both Life, Faith and Peace were butchered by Pride and Death stole the head of Faith, leaving the world without his virtue.
The city of Eteka were brought to ruin and all the people there dead. Not a single one survived and left to tell the tale, but the whisperers have later asked the nature of the truth and the deathspeakers not barbarians have spoken with the souls of the dead.
Many still travel to see the Wonders of Eteka and walk trough the ruins of the city, but some or captured there and the spirits will not let them go. Some of the spirits still there, the souls not yet to find peace, they envy the living and attempts to hold them in their grip forever. Many whom have traveled the Eteka, have never returned.

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