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Prophecy was created a long time ago by the Winn as a counterpiece to the Inix' "The Nine". Prophecy were officially meant to be a group of blessed creatures doing good, but now they are fighting as fiercely as the Nine to reach their own goals, but the Prophets of the Winn refuse to face their own mistake and therefore allows the Prophecy and the Nine to rage on against each other. Unlike the Nine, Prophecy holds only eight members, but as the Nine works on their own, the Prophecy uses contacts and alliances to become more powerful than the Nine. The prophecy holds the same members as upon creation, the Winn granted them all the power of imortal life, where the Nine grow older and change members in time, Prophecy stays the same.

When a member of Prophecy is slain, their body is kept in the Winn Prophet building and is thereupon waiting untill a soul is willing to host the body once more. The soul currently hosting the body has no power upon the mind and body itself, and the personality and character stays the same even though it has been slain. A willing soul to host a body is hard to find, and the waiting can take between one and twenty years. The prophets have written themselves that if a soul is not found within twenty years, a Winn is to give her soul willingly in order to restore the Prophecy.

It is easier to tell a Member from the Nine apart from their sorroundings, their marks are normally quite visible, and as soon as a member of the Nine uses his or her gift, their mark shine with a deadly black color. That is different from Prophecy whom work very subtle and are hard to catch in a crowd. Prophecy members enjoy to seem human and can spend months infiltrating a city or organization just because they enjoy doing so.

The way to tell a Prophecy member from a crowd is only to remember their faces. Since they do not age or die, they are all trapped, looking like they always did. They can not alter their apperance, their hair can not be cut and their face does not change or achieve scars or wounds. They are all together trapped in their looks.

The Prophecy members can only be killed by a beheading, if one is beheaded, all parts of the body has to be returned to the champer of the Prophecy where they are to lie and wait for their new soul to host them. A member of the Nine have before stolen a head of a Prophecy member in order to keep that one from reincarnating. At that time, the one who's head was gone, Faith, had to wait two hundred and fifty years before his head was retrieved and he could again walk Eri freely. At that time, the world was darkened, for if it lacks a member of the Prophecy, that virtue, Faith, is not present and only those truly touched by the virtue continues to have it hidden in their heart. That time, where faith was gone, is known as the Time of Ruins, where all temples were destroyed and milions of priests and religious members were slain by the hands of the Nine and those following their beliefs. This is also the time where all the gods were captured and their city closed by the Inix.

The members of Prophecy

Marcus Bevilias - Life

Sir Athalas Ferens - Faith

Sir Noel Dragonheart - Trust

Latana D'toria - Order

Meneldur Ac'ler'virel Mûrendorn - Modesty

Cathrine Dragonheart - Joy

Castitatis Eleison - Purity

Amoena Luna - Peace

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The Nine

A group of Nine, all with each their vice, created by the Inix as a force of power, but if one of these dies, so does the vice with them until a replacement is found. The Oracle of Inix selects the members of the Nine, and therefore, if one dies, the world has to wait until a replacement is found by the Oracle.
All of the Nine controls each their own power, fitting their vice. They are identified by a large, black mark upon their body, mostly on their left arm, but some of them prefer to have it placed somewhere else, like the current Death for instance, who's mark is upon her back and hidden.
Many of the Nine can not be arsed to hide their mark, since every time they are around anything to do with their vice, the mark will glow lightly, and when their powers are unleashed, the mark glows dark and sorrounds them by a cloak of shadows.
The Nine members change when one is dead, and therefore it is hard to identify one if their marks is not glowing or visible some other way. A member of the Nine can however always identify an other member, and they are closely bound. They can read each other's mind, and therefore almost speak telepathical.
When a member of the Nine is chosen, the oracle also choose whom is to pick up their new sister or brother and train the individual in their powers. It is a great deal to be selected and most of the Nine are never selected to train an other member.

A member of the Nine represents their vice and will be filled with same. Anger is easily angered, Grief is always depressed, Pride is sickly arrogant.
Also, the Prophecy is counterparts of the Nine, and therefore they all have a nemesis in Prophecy and all of them are not only telepatically connected to their brothers and sisters in the Nine, but also to their counterpart in Prophecy, same of course goes for Prophecy members.

Members of the Nine












Ocean of Souls

Jannoch Blackstone


The city of wonders, Eteka was build stone by stone by the powerful Vikrel, also known as Scaled ones, mighty creatures skilled in the most powerful magic, creatures now scattered all over Eri living as refuges and journeymen.
Eteka was build to the glory of Karzk, a mighty Virkrel who ruled his commoners wisely. He was by everyone known as a strong and intelligent man whos servants never complained and in those eight years he ruled, for Virkrel quickly grow old, no one were oppressed or starving, sure people did not live like kings, but they didn't suffer either and everyone had a little to get by as well as live above poverty.
Eteka became his wonder, and it took them seven of his eight years to build the glorious city. A giant wall, known as the wall of Loons were build to pride the city rather than keep enemies out. it was giant but easy to climb if one wished to. Every hundred meters were a huge loon priding the wall with a proud spark in the diamond eyes.
The city itself were always filled with life, and the houses were tall and large. Everyone lived under a roof and there were no beggars. Beggars were simply executed or tossed out of town, but only freeloaders who refused to work would become homeless beggars, so that was hardly a problem.
Seven inns prided Eteka, and they were all known around Eri for their skilled bards and their good drinks. Even Serestian traveled to Eteka only to study the wonder of the world. The roads were build out of expensive stones, all white and almost shining in the sunlight. Those without work were put to clean up the streets every day, so that it would continue to shine.
Eteka had a large force of guards, and order was always uphold. Also, Eteka became a wonder of magic, and after the death of Karzk, his son, Korzk took over and demanded that the greatest academies and monestaries were build to honor both religion and magic. Eteka, now ruled by Korzk grew quickly in size and soon an other wall were build around the city, though the old one was left standing and became a monument for Karzk who loved the loons above all other creatures.


The Barbarian lord Bekir Stormbeard heard word of the beautiful city and enviously he began plotting on how to take hold of the city. He gathered all of his people and his most powerful Bonescreamers and Deathspeakers to follow with him and they set sail across the Middle Ocean, now known as the Ocean of Souls. Stormbeard and his men had the city under siege for almost three years straight, and no lives were spared as the forces clashed together again and again. Korzk called for reinforcements and many came to his aid, but the barbarian warchief were too strong for any force to break, and his deathspeakers raised the dead anew, making him impossible to beat, as the bonescreamers made sure the healers and priests of the defending army were useless.
After three years, the Inix decided to end the brutal butchery and send their newest creation, the Nine to eliminate all of the people there.
As the Winn heard the news of the Inix' plans, they themselves send the Prophecy in order to confront and stop the Nine at the battlefield. But the Prophecy was yet not ready to confront the Nine and the battle became a disaster for the Winn, as both Life, Faith and Peace were butchered by Pride and Death stole the head of Faith, leaving the world without his virtue.
The city of Eteka were brought to ruin and all the people there dead. Not a single one survived and left to tell the tale, but the whisperers have later asked the nature of the truth and the deathspeakers not barbarians have spoken with the souls of the dead.
Many still travel to see the Wonders of Eteka and walk trough the ruins of the city, but some or captured there and the spirits will not let them go. Some of the spirits still there, the souls not yet to find peace, they envy the living and attempts to hold them in their grip forever. Many whom have traveled the Eteka, have never returned.

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The Serestian people are smaller than humen. The average male is around 1.68 -1.70m tall. The average female is smaller, 1.60 - 1.65.
Though they are smaller creatures, their height or lack of same is not what makes them different.
Seresta, meaning "Season" in the godly tongue. They are a race of the "smallpeople" as they are called, and they are close related to the Itiken, Iriel, Seteka, Leren and the Morleren.
The "Small people", also known as Tiken in the godly tongue, are all given names because of the responsibility given to them by creation.
The Serestian people represent the Seasons, and depending on their time of birth, their hair and eyes have a different color.
Those born in the Wintertime period are white with icy blue eyes.
Those born in the time of Sunbreach have a light green hair and eyes of golden character.
Those born at Spring have yellow hair and shining green eyes.
Those born in Suntime have orange hair and greenish brown eyes.
Those born in Harvest have red hair and brown to red eyes.
Those born in Pre-winter have brown hair and brown eyes.
Those born in Snowfall have grey hair and grey eyes.

The time of birth has also things to do about age. The Suntime children can become hundreds of years before death takes them, where the Snowfall and Wintertime children never gets to bare children or be accepted as adults. Naturally there are born more children in the time of Sun, for Snowfall is cold and most children are born dead. A Serestian is first known as a Mi'rel, child, when it reaches the state of teenage, they are known as Mi'rul, kid. First, when they reach their magical potential and is trained untill their limit is reached, they are known as Mi'kel, adult, and it is first when they have lived trough hundreds of years they become Mir'kel, elders. When a Seresta reaches the age of Mi'rul, their aging process slowly stops, and as they are grown enough in size, their body no longer ages, not changes. Almost like the Prophecy, they are trapped in their apperance, if they cut their hair, it will grow out again in seconds. As well as they do not alter in looks, they does not gain weight or lose it, if they are skinny doing Mi'rul, they will not change from that and will always be skinny.

Serestian food is dry and most of it is different types of bread and fruit. They does not eat meat, due to their strong connection to nature, and they are likely found drinking water rather than milk or wine, since they do not use nature's gifts only because of lust, but only out of need. Only doing important feasts do they delight in the joys of food, and even then, no wine or matching drink will be served.

They can all control nature and are gifted magicians, especially Whisperers. The Seresta live in societies out of human control, and they prefer to stay like that. Some of them travel out to see the world, but most of them decide to live their entire life together with their own people.
Like all of their brothers and sisters, the Serestian have only four fingers and four toes, their ears are normal, like a human's but their eyes are slightly larger, a bit more like children's eyes. The Serestian are skilled in crafting arts, and their clothes are the finest quality you can aquire. Only few of the Serestian sell their crafts to humen, they do not trust those large people, and in their past, the humen have taken many of their brothers and sisters as slaves. The Serestian are generally a peaceful people an their strength in war is only when allied with the rest of the Tiken.

Outcasts. The Serestian people look upon their Mi'rul as magic users, only those trained to their fullest will become Mi'kel and thereby gain the respect of the others. Those whom refuse to train, or is unable to, is known as Shar'ti, the outcast. There are other reasons to why a Seresta can become Shar'ti, betrayal upon their king, witchcraft in forbitten arts, refusing orders from the Highest one, or murder. Only a handful of Shar'ti exists because the Serestian Mi'rul are all growing up in a society where the normality is to respect both the Mi'kel and the Mir'kel, and the Mi'rul is fearful of their elders. Most Mi'rul have a strong connection to their Keltären, their Master in magic arts, and some of them will rather stay Mi'rul and train under him than become Mi'kel, if that happens, the Keltären is forced to become Shar'ti and will have to leave the home of his people in shame.

Serestian Cities.
The Serestian can be found in an Tiken City, but they have few of their own as well.

T'lorel is the Capitol of the Serestian people, here lives the royalty and nobility of the race and it is here only the finest crafters are found. The T'lorel is hidden and only Seresta or those invited can gain access to it. T'lorel means "flower" in the language of Seresta.

Jyrvirel'tirkas, also known as the city of jewels, is ruled by the Seresta but other Tiken are allowed to live here as well. It is a beautiful city placed upon an island near the coast of Raken. It is here the Seresta meet each other for gatherings of importance and it is also the place under most attacks by barbarians and pirates who are interested in the many wealths that the City of Jewels should hold. In fact the name of Jyrvirel'tirkas doesn't mean jewel, but beauty and wonder, and it is named that because of the many teaters and kultural happenings in the city. The nick, City of Jewels, were given in the age of sixteenth halfwheel in the time of Waters, where the leading noble family had seven daughters whom were all more beautiful than anyone else, and none of them ever married.

Kir'turcël, city of memories, known for the largest butchery of religious Serestian people. At the time of Ruins, the Inix dragged all of the Serestian priests, priestess, prophets and whisperers to Kir'turcël and butchered all of them on the royal parade grounds in front of the City Patron and his family whom, along with all the other nobles in the city were forced to watch as the lives of thousands of their people were slaughtered. It is said that the Nine drained the souls of the slain and trapped it upon every single stone on the parade square. The Souls can still be heard screaming the night of that day every Wheel's time. The city is now filled with whisperers and priests whom have all come to pay respect on their slain forfathers and also draw knowledge from ancient times out of the still trapped souls. Many prophets come here in attempt to save some of their elders from the faith, but all have failed.

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The Lady of mists

The Lady of mists is a ship, it is old, filled with holes and without much of a sail. The ship could in its pride hold 60 men, and needed at least twenty to sail it. Now it is feared, for it is a pirate ship. The Lady of mists is one of the only ships sailing the "Ocean of Souls" where no one else dare cross. Most people in Eri doesn't even know that there is anything on the other side of the Ocean, and only fewer more knows that the Lady of Mists actually exists.
The Lady of Mists is a rumor, most people fear it but it is mostly used to scare off children from going out to sail on the Ocean, it is said that Galleon figurine is a living lady, and the crew replaces her every time they sail into a harbor. It is also said that the crew upon the lady are all dead men walking. No one knows exactly what is true or false, but those few, who's seen the lady speak nothing of it.

Now, for something that is actual facts, no rumors added.

The lady of mists.
Crew list.

Captain: Daniel Soulstrifer.

First mate: Dorian M'var.

Acountant: Juan D'unian.

Chef: Landon M'var.

Everyone else claiming to sail this ship is but fake. The ship only holds these four crew members, it is true that when it sailed in its pride it needed twenty men at least to sail, but being a ghost ship and all, that is no longer needed.

Now, it is also true that the Galleon figurine is a lady, still alive unless the ship's been sailing for long without finding harbor. It is normally Juan's job to pick up the finest young lady he can in any town or city they visit, and strap her unto the ship with needles and everything else to keep her there for as long as possible.

No one sees the ship, simply because she is nothing but a mist to the untrained eye, and it is only when the captain desides to reveal his ship, she is visible. Most of the time, she is nothing but a fog, and magically hidden to anyone. It is also true that they pillage, but the crew, unlike most pirates, has quite the moral. They only pillage other pirates, and would never steal from a common man unless he is really, really asking for it. ^^

The lady used to be a small trademan's ship under the time of the Violet, but she was plundered and half destroyed, the trademan attempted to sell her but no one would buy. Untill Daniel soulstrifer fell in love with her. Daniel was already insane at that time, and he sailed this old, sinking ship as far out as he could upon the Ocean of Souls, there he met the posessor of Death at the time, and he traded his own soul for his ship to sail. It became a ghost ship and has been such ever since. Rest of the crew was not with him at the time, and how Daniel sailed his ship one man out to meet the Mark of Death, is a mystery, maybe it was simply will?

The Mist sometimes takes passengers, though it is very rare, and you have to be quite the buddy to the ship crew in order to be allowed passage on board. Or quite the babe, then Juan would not mind.
Only few that's been allowed aboard have done so for quite the pay, or simply out of favor, and it is not wise to owe Daniel Soulstrifer a favor.

Vian D'unian

Vian.. Heh, like Juan everyone loves or hates Vian. Vian D'unian is my favorite badguy... or one of anyways. Here we go.

Vian D'unian
Race: Seresta
Age: 221 years of age.
Birthday: 24th of June 1999, created with Juan of course. His birthday is the 23'th day in the 13th halfwheel in the year of the Raven 173.
known for: Being a lean mean Motherfucka ^^, Vian was first introduced in a Dungeons and Dragons RP.
profession: Whisperer, Arcanist, Pyromancer, Magician, Assassin.
Family: Juan D'unian
Nemesis (Yes Vian has a Nemesis): Jannoch Blackstone.
romance: There is but one romance here to mention, for Vian never took interest in something as stupid as love.

Mirren - the Iriel (Though when played she was a Dark elf, but I had to convert her to my own world, where there are no elves.) Paladin whom Vian hated by heart and loved by the same amount. Vian started out by using this woman for his own benefits but ended up loving her desperately. He betrayed her to power in the end, for nothing beats power to Vian.

Power: Vian is a trained Whisperer, a Magician, a Pyromancer, Arcanist and Assassin. His powers are many for that is his desire. Vian is skilled in all his traits and he is a feared and dangerous man. Vian's search for power did change much of his life troughout time and he's lost quite the friendships and loves with the growth of his limits, but Vian regrets only little if nothing. If he was to mention one thing he regrets, it must be his death by the hand of Jannoch Blackstone. But since he is still "living" he wouldn't actually call that defeat. Vian's weakness would be his hunger for power as well. Vian is easy to point the right direction if you tempt with enough. He is smart, oh yes, and skilled, but his greed is outmatched by any sense he might have what so ever.

Life: Vian is as traveled as his younger brother. He's lived a very stressfilled life, as he is the kind of person who easily becomes the enemy to some, and he has learned trough his life that It is not always smart to make enemies. Vian's "life" started when I first time introduced him to my Roleplaying campaign. At that time he was a white wolf named Vian, who became the companion of the Paladin Mirren. For a Paladin is always given a companion by their gods. Vian was at that time actually a man, who had been transformed into a wolf and was unable to escape that form untill the death of the one who had done it to him. She died of age, and he became himself. Mirren was of course not surprised when she figured out that her wolf could talk, but when he became a young man, she was shocked. Those two started a heck of a life together. In search for this magic stone, that Vian desperately wanted, and Mirren wanted to destroy. It was a game of lies and betrayal, where Vian had to watch every stop so that Mirren wouldn't find suspicion in his actions.
In the end, Vian got his hands on the stone, but Jannoch Blackstone, his very annoying nemesis who happened also to have a crush on Mirren, showed up, saved the day, killed Vian and left without a word to Mirren.
But Vian wouldn't just die like that. He lingered as a soul for a long time, untill finally, agreeing with the one possessing the mark of death, he became reborn.

Personality: Vian is cruel, he is tempered, arrogant and an Aristocrat. Vian enjoys toying with people, and he can spend hours watching his mindless minions do his bidding. He studied first to become a Whisperer, and in his young age, he was a kind and trusted man, but power grew and Vian knew he couldn't get enough. Vian longs for more power, he is in possession of almost any title able for him to get, but there are still few, magical classes that he does not master, and that frustrates him. To Vian everything is a game, he believes he has nothing to loose, for Vian's never lost anything.
Vian is likely never to admit that he had a thing for Mirren, his pride stole her from him, and he doesn't even admit to himself that he loved her. Vian doesn't admit anything to himself to be frank, if it is bad that is. He simply denied it ever happened and returns to his other doings.
Now Vian's brother is very important to him, Vian and Juan did grow up together more or less, and Juan's always helped his bigger brother if there was anything. Vian accepted Juan's path of profession in life, though he didn't actually approve of the Piracy. Vian does take pride in his brother, for his brother is as strong as he, and they are both very successful in their own way. And success is the way to go if you ask Vian.

Why Evil?: Now, as a special little something, we here have Vian himself explaning why he became Evil.
"Why? Oh I know what you're thinking. Vian, you were a Whisperer, highest in the inner circle. You had all those ideas, good things you wanted to change... Why turn evil eh? I wouldn't blame Lance much of it, he was a good mentor, though he never saw my potential, he hardly knew me after all. But... Why not? I had become as strong as I wanted within the Whisperers, but why not just take what I wanted? I have no reason really, I just... did it because I wanted to. And I know everyone hates me, I am not a likeable character, but face it... You can't live without me, and I know that every girl loves the bad guy, so why not like me? Huh?
Oh and that time, with Lance and his girlfriend. I never did sleep with her, wasn't my type. But she sure was his, Bah, So innnocent and beautiful she made me puke. Now Mirren on the other hand, she had a darkness around her. Did you know she butchered a whole village of her own people just to get me back? Girl had potential you know! Shame she went all sobby on me and paladin like. Wanted to redeem me? HAH! I'm not redeemable!.. Now, Evil, it's the way to go, if you want something done that is, and I wanted something done, I wanted it bad. Why not then? Why not I ask you?"

Juan D'unian

Juan, I can assure you everyone loves Juan, so I put up some random facts about him that people might not be aware of.

Juan D'unian M'var.
race: Seresta
Age: 215 years of age.
Birthday: 24'th of June 1999 he was created, he has evolved since, I can assure you.
His birthday in Eri will be the 6th day of the second halfwheel in the year of the Raven 167. I will post my calendar later on so that actually makes sense.
Profession: Piracy ein't that obvious?
Known for: Sailing on the Lady of mists, his first apperance was in a Roleplaying Campaign for Dungeons and dragons.
Family blood: Juan D'unian is in fact the younger brother of Vian D'unian.
Sailing: Now about Juan, he loves to sail. I bet you, every time I use him he's whispering in my ear "Put m' ne t' Lassie? C'mon Please! Avast Yer luvly bird ey be waintin t' sail yer kno! Let m' sail!"
Juan Sails with the Lady of mists together with Landon M'var, Dorian M'var and Daniel Soulstrifer. When you meet Juan he will very possibly claim to be the captain on this ship but that is untrue. It is true that Juan once attempted to snatch the captain's hat from Daniel but that hardly makes him captain now does it.
Juan counts the money, collects depts and is in charge of anything that has to do with gold. He and Daniel has a strange bond between them, one day they hate each other only to be friends the next. strange indeed.
Landon and Juan never talks, Landon never talks with anyone, but he doesn't even frown or snarl at Juan, no they leave each other pretty much alone.
Dorian is Juan's little love, those two have quite the relationship together. They are best friends and do get very close out on these lonely nights at sea, but I will not give any more details.

Romances: Juan is quite the charmer and his romances are many. I have used him many times and he is therefore a well known man. Most importantly is to mention:
Mirren - A dark elven Paladin that Vian asked Juan to seduce. Juan and Mirren has never done anything together, but Juan sure found himself intrigued by the fierce woman.

Idix: - Idix is a character played in WoW where I sometimes Roleplay as Juan. Juan does not like her, she adores him. So this is a one way Romance I can assure you.

Selena - Selena is Juan's former captain, she is the heck of a woman and one of the first women Juan seduced. Selena once stole the "lady of mists" before Daniel stole it back from her.

Lily "Sweeny" - Juan's heart belongs to this woman, for she is so much alike him. Those two steal from each other, cheat on each other, plays hard to get, tumble around, fight, scream, love and make up. They are like cat and dog when near each other and Juan is fascinated by this lady.

Jeremin - Now Jeremin is quite the strange girl. Juan can't figure out if he loves or hates her. She can go from interested to bitchy in seconds and she doesn't mind acting up in front of a crowd. Juan takes some interest in her, but her way of behaving makes him avoid her attention too much.

Dorian - Well as explained before Dorian and Juan have a quite special relationship. Those two are close to each other and they share a strange bond. Dorian and Juan are hardly together as a couple though, they just enjoy each other's company when off shore as well as a little lovedoing in the lonely nights. Dorian is by far the more intelligent of the two and he enjoys teaching to Juan, so you can call it a Teacher Apprentice relationship.

Adele - Adele is Dorians old girlfriend, and Juan's not actually ever laid a hand on her, but that doesn't mean he doesn't look her way when she walks by. Adele tried once to make Juan one of her many... acomplishments.... But he refused, and with that, awokened this woman's fury!

Life: Juan's traveled quite the land, he's scared and marked by life but he is none the less happy with it. Juan died once, a long time ago, but he has been returned to life by Dorian and is therefore a M'var. A kindred or a creation of the night. Juan and the rest of the ship's crew is however able to walk in bright daylight, for a smart little potion of Dorian's made that possible, a potion cursing them by the gods, but who cares about that when you're Immortal? I will explain further when I make it to Dorian.
Juan grew appart from Vian his brother long ago, those two hardly talk for Vian found power interesting while Juan just wanted to have some fun and live life. In a way Juan has never grown up.

Personality: Juan is but one of the funniest people you will ever meet. He loves to explain himself trough body language and jumps around, waving his arms if allowed to. He is highly hyperactive and always ready for anything that might sound like profit or fun. Juan loves the ladies, all of them. He can't help but sleep around, and he is not the man you tie down in a marriage, for all women are godesses in his world and he adores all of them equally. Juan is highly bisexual, shown by his relationship to Dorian, though he prefers a lady's company over a mans.
Juan is a thief, a lier and a cheater, though he has his own moral codex. He is never polite but he is not rude either, he is just Juan so to speak. Juan is always cocky about himself.