Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Nine

A group of Nine, all with each their vice, created by the Inix as a force of power, but if one of these dies, so does the vice with them until a replacement is found. The Oracle of Inix selects the members of the Nine, and therefore, if one dies, the world has to wait until a replacement is found by the Oracle.
All of the Nine controls each their own power, fitting their vice. They are identified by a large, black mark upon their body, mostly on their left arm, but some of them prefer to have it placed somewhere else, like the current Death for instance, who's mark is upon her back and hidden.
Many of the Nine can not be arsed to hide their mark, since every time they are around anything to do with their vice, the mark will glow lightly, and when their powers are unleashed, the mark glows dark and sorrounds them by a cloak of shadows.
The Nine members change when one is dead, and therefore it is hard to identify one if their marks is not glowing or visible some other way. A member of the Nine can however always identify an other member, and they are closely bound. They can read each other's mind, and therefore almost speak telepathical.
When a member of the Nine is chosen, the oracle also choose whom is to pick up their new sister or brother and train the individual in their powers. It is a great deal to be selected and most of the Nine are never selected to train an other member.

A member of the Nine represents their vice and will be filled with same. Anger is easily angered, Grief is always depressed, Pride is sickly arrogant.
Also, the Prophecy is counterparts of the Nine, and therefore they all have a nemesis in Prophecy and all of them are not only telepatically connected to their brothers and sisters in the Nine, but also to their counterpart in Prophecy, same of course goes for Prophecy members.

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