Monday, October 27, 2008

Vian D'unian

Vian.. Heh, like Juan everyone loves or hates Vian. Vian D'unian is my favorite badguy... or one of anyways. Here we go.

Vian D'unian
Race: Seresta
Age: 221 years of age.
Birthday: 24th of June 1999, created with Juan of course. His birthday is the 23'th day in the 13th halfwheel in the year of the Raven 173.
known for: Being a lean mean Motherfucka ^^, Vian was first introduced in a Dungeons and Dragons RP.
profession: Whisperer, Arcanist, Pyromancer, Magician, Assassin.
Family: Juan D'unian
Nemesis (Yes Vian has a Nemesis): Jannoch Blackstone.
romance: There is but one romance here to mention, for Vian never took interest in something as stupid as love.

Mirren - the Iriel (Though when played she was a Dark elf, but I had to convert her to my own world, where there are no elves.) Paladin whom Vian hated by heart and loved by the same amount. Vian started out by using this woman for his own benefits but ended up loving her desperately. He betrayed her to power in the end, for nothing beats power to Vian.

Power: Vian is a trained Whisperer, a Magician, a Pyromancer, Arcanist and Assassin. His powers are many for that is his desire. Vian is skilled in all his traits and he is a feared and dangerous man. Vian's search for power did change much of his life troughout time and he's lost quite the friendships and loves with the growth of his limits, but Vian regrets only little if nothing. If he was to mention one thing he regrets, it must be his death by the hand of Jannoch Blackstone. But since he is still "living" he wouldn't actually call that defeat. Vian's weakness would be his hunger for power as well. Vian is easy to point the right direction if you tempt with enough. He is smart, oh yes, and skilled, but his greed is outmatched by any sense he might have what so ever.

Life: Vian is as traveled as his younger brother. He's lived a very stressfilled life, as he is the kind of person who easily becomes the enemy to some, and he has learned trough his life that It is not always smart to make enemies. Vian's "life" started when I first time introduced him to my Roleplaying campaign. At that time he was a white wolf named Vian, who became the companion of the Paladin Mirren. For a Paladin is always given a companion by their gods. Vian was at that time actually a man, who had been transformed into a wolf and was unable to escape that form untill the death of the one who had done it to him. She died of age, and he became himself. Mirren was of course not surprised when she figured out that her wolf could talk, but when he became a young man, she was shocked. Those two started a heck of a life together. In search for this magic stone, that Vian desperately wanted, and Mirren wanted to destroy. It was a game of lies and betrayal, where Vian had to watch every stop so that Mirren wouldn't find suspicion in his actions.
In the end, Vian got his hands on the stone, but Jannoch Blackstone, his very annoying nemesis who happened also to have a crush on Mirren, showed up, saved the day, killed Vian and left without a word to Mirren.
But Vian wouldn't just die like that. He lingered as a soul for a long time, untill finally, agreeing with the one possessing the mark of death, he became reborn.

Personality: Vian is cruel, he is tempered, arrogant and an Aristocrat. Vian enjoys toying with people, and he can spend hours watching his mindless minions do his bidding. He studied first to become a Whisperer, and in his young age, he was a kind and trusted man, but power grew and Vian knew he couldn't get enough. Vian longs for more power, he is in possession of almost any title able for him to get, but there are still few, magical classes that he does not master, and that frustrates him. To Vian everything is a game, he believes he has nothing to loose, for Vian's never lost anything.
Vian is likely never to admit that he had a thing for Mirren, his pride stole her from him, and he doesn't even admit to himself that he loved her. Vian doesn't admit anything to himself to be frank, if it is bad that is. He simply denied it ever happened and returns to his other doings.
Now Vian's brother is very important to him, Vian and Juan did grow up together more or less, and Juan's always helped his bigger brother if there was anything. Vian accepted Juan's path of profession in life, though he didn't actually approve of the Piracy. Vian does take pride in his brother, for his brother is as strong as he, and they are both very successful in their own way. And success is the way to go if you ask Vian.

Why Evil?: Now, as a special little something, we here have Vian himself explaning why he became Evil.
"Why? Oh I know what you're thinking. Vian, you were a Whisperer, highest in the inner circle. You had all those ideas, good things you wanted to change... Why turn evil eh? I wouldn't blame Lance much of it, he was a good mentor, though he never saw my potential, he hardly knew me after all. But... Why not? I had become as strong as I wanted within the Whisperers, but why not just take what I wanted? I have no reason really, I just... did it because I wanted to. And I know everyone hates me, I am not a likeable character, but face it... You can't live without me, and I know that every girl loves the bad guy, so why not like me? Huh?
Oh and that time, with Lance and his girlfriend. I never did sleep with her, wasn't my type. But she sure was his, Bah, So innnocent and beautiful she made me puke. Now Mirren on the other hand, she had a darkness around her. Did you know she butchered a whole village of her own people just to get me back? Girl had potential you know! Shame she went all sobby on me and paladin like. Wanted to redeem me? HAH! I'm not redeemable!.. Now, Evil, it's the way to go, if you want something done that is, and I wanted something done, I wanted it bad. Why not then? Why not I ask you?"

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