Monday, October 27, 2008

Juan D'unian

Juan, I can assure you everyone loves Juan, so I put up some random facts about him that people might not be aware of.

Juan D'unian M'var.
race: Seresta
Age: 215 years of age.
Birthday: 24'th of June 1999 he was created, he has evolved since, I can assure you.
His birthday in Eri will be the 6th day of the second halfwheel in the year of the Raven 167. I will post my calendar later on so that actually makes sense.
Profession: Piracy ein't that obvious?
Known for: Sailing on the Lady of mists, his first apperance was in a Roleplaying Campaign for Dungeons and dragons.
Family blood: Juan D'unian is in fact the younger brother of Vian D'unian.
Sailing: Now about Juan, he loves to sail. I bet you, every time I use him he's whispering in my ear "Put m' ne t' Lassie? C'mon Please! Avast Yer luvly bird ey be waintin t' sail yer kno! Let m' sail!"
Juan Sails with the Lady of mists together with Landon M'var, Dorian M'var and Daniel Soulstrifer. When you meet Juan he will very possibly claim to be the captain on this ship but that is untrue. It is true that Juan once attempted to snatch the captain's hat from Daniel but that hardly makes him captain now does it.
Juan counts the money, collects depts and is in charge of anything that has to do with gold. He and Daniel has a strange bond between them, one day they hate each other only to be friends the next. strange indeed.
Landon and Juan never talks, Landon never talks with anyone, but he doesn't even frown or snarl at Juan, no they leave each other pretty much alone.
Dorian is Juan's little love, those two have quite the relationship together. They are best friends and do get very close out on these lonely nights at sea, but I will not give any more details.

Romances: Juan is quite the charmer and his romances are many. I have used him many times and he is therefore a well known man. Most importantly is to mention:
Mirren - A dark elven Paladin that Vian asked Juan to seduce. Juan and Mirren has never done anything together, but Juan sure found himself intrigued by the fierce woman.

Idix: - Idix is a character played in WoW where I sometimes Roleplay as Juan. Juan does not like her, she adores him. So this is a one way Romance I can assure you.

Selena - Selena is Juan's former captain, she is the heck of a woman and one of the first women Juan seduced. Selena once stole the "lady of mists" before Daniel stole it back from her.

Lily "Sweeny" - Juan's heart belongs to this woman, for she is so much alike him. Those two steal from each other, cheat on each other, plays hard to get, tumble around, fight, scream, love and make up. They are like cat and dog when near each other and Juan is fascinated by this lady.

Jeremin - Now Jeremin is quite the strange girl. Juan can't figure out if he loves or hates her. She can go from interested to bitchy in seconds and she doesn't mind acting up in front of a crowd. Juan takes some interest in her, but her way of behaving makes him avoid her attention too much.

Dorian - Well as explained before Dorian and Juan have a quite special relationship. Those two are close to each other and they share a strange bond. Dorian and Juan are hardly together as a couple though, they just enjoy each other's company when off shore as well as a little lovedoing in the lonely nights. Dorian is by far the more intelligent of the two and he enjoys teaching to Juan, so you can call it a Teacher Apprentice relationship.

Adele - Adele is Dorians old girlfriend, and Juan's not actually ever laid a hand on her, but that doesn't mean he doesn't look her way when she walks by. Adele tried once to make Juan one of her many... acomplishments.... But he refused, and with that, awokened this woman's fury!

Life: Juan's traveled quite the land, he's scared and marked by life but he is none the less happy with it. Juan died once, a long time ago, but he has been returned to life by Dorian and is therefore a M'var. A kindred or a creation of the night. Juan and the rest of the ship's crew is however able to walk in bright daylight, for a smart little potion of Dorian's made that possible, a potion cursing them by the gods, but who cares about that when you're Immortal? I will explain further when I make it to Dorian.
Juan grew appart from Vian his brother long ago, those two hardly talk for Vian found power interesting while Juan just wanted to have some fun and live life. In a way Juan has never grown up.

Personality: Juan is but one of the funniest people you will ever meet. He loves to explain himself trough body language and jumps around, waving his arms if allowed to. He is highly hyperactive and always ready for anything that might sound like profit or fun. Juan loves the ladies, all of them. He can't help but sleep around, and he is not the man you tie down in a marriage, for all women are godesses in his world and he adores all of them equally. Juan is highly bisexual, shown by his relationship to Dorian, though he prefers a lady's company over a mans.
Juan is a thief, a lier and a cheater, though he has his own moral codex. He is never polite but he is not rude either, he is just Juan so to speak. Juan is always cocky about himself.

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