Monday, October 27, 2008

The Lady of mists

The Lady of mists is a ship, it is old, filled with holes and without much of a sail. The ship could in its pride hold 60 men, and needed at least twenty to sail it. Now it is feared, for it is a pirate ship. The Lady of mists is one of the only ships sailing the "Ocean of Souls" where no one else dare cross. Most people in Eri doesn't even know that there is anything on the other side of the Ocean, and only fewer more knows that the Lady of Mists actually exists.
The Lady of Mists is a rumor, most people fear it but it is mostly used to scare off children from going out to sail on the Ocean, it is said that Galleon figurine is a living lady, and the crew replaces her every time they sail into a harbor. It is also said that the crew upon the lady are all dead men walking. No one knows exactly what is true or false, but those few, who's seen the lady speak nothing of it.

Now, for something that is actual facts, no rumors added.

The lady of mists.
Crew list.

Captain: Daniel Soulstrifer.

First mate: Dorian M'var.

Acountant: Juan D'unian.

Chef: Landon M'var.

Everyone else claiming to sail this ship is but fake. The ship only holds these four crew members, it is true that when it sailed in its pride it needed twenty men at least to sail, but being a ghost ship and all, that is no longer needed.

Now, it is also true that the Galleon figurine is a lady, still alive unless the ship's been sailing for long without finding harbor. It is normally Juan's job to pick up the finest young lady he can in any town or city they visit, and strap her unto the ship with needles and everything else to keep her there for as long as possible.

No one sees the ship, simply because she is nothing but a mist to the untrained eye, and it is only when the captain desides to reveal his ship, she is visible. Most of the time, she is nothing but a fog, and magically hidden to anyone. It is also true that they pillage, but the crew, unlike most pirates, has quite the moral. They only pillage other pirates, and would never steal from a common man unless he is really, really asking for it. ^^

The lady used to be a small trademan's ship under the time of the Violet, but she was plundered and half destroyed, the trademan attempted to sell her but no one would buy. Untill Daniel soulstrifer fell in love with her. Daniel was already insane at that time, and he sailed this old, sinking ship as far out as he could upon the Ocean of Souls, there he met the posessor of Death at the time, and he traded his own soul for his ship to sail. It became a ghost ship and has been such ever since. Rest of the crew was not with him at the time, and how Daniel sailed his ship one man out to meet the Mark of Death, is a mystery, maybe it was simply will?

The Mist sometimes takes passengers, though it is very rare, and you have to be quite the buddy to the ship crew in order to be allowed passage on board. Or quite the babe, then Juan would not mind.
Only few that's been allowed aboard have done so for quite the pay, or simply out of favor, and it is not wise to owe Daniel Soulstrifer a favor.

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